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Your Personality Style can be Modified and Change to make a healthier person.
    Sometimes the mood is not the problem, it's your personality style that can prevent a person from having a healthy productive life. Cognitive therapy &  training provides people the skills to be morefunctional at home, at work and with themselves.Changing a maladaptivepersonality style can allow a person to function better and stay healthy the rest of their lives.

       Perfectionist Personality, High-Demand, High Expectation Person
       Workaholic Personality
       Anger-Aggression Personality or Passive Personality
       Avoidant Personality, Shy Personality
       Autonomous Personality, Entitlement Personality
       Hypochondriac Personality, Health Worrier
       Obsessive-Compulsive Personality
       Dependent Personality, Negative Personality

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